The Ogaki City Information Studio and The Softopia Japan Annex display a variety of art to enhance and complement work area.
Artist: Mizui, Yasuo Work of Art: Hiraku (SOUTH ENTRANCE)
Artist: Mizui, Yasuo Work of Art: Tsudou (SOUTH ENTRANCE)
Artist: Tominaga, Naoki Work of Art: Christmas Eve (1F ENTRANCE HALL)
Christmas Eve
Artist: Hibino, Katsuhiko Work of Art: Fact (1F ENTRANCE HAL)
Artist: Ushio, Keizo Work of Art: Oushi, Zoukei (1F OFFICE COUNTER SPACE)
Artist: Senju, Hiroshi Work of Art: Waterfall (1F EV HALL)
Artist: Kataoka, Shigeyasu Work of Art: A Face of Buddha (1F RECEPTION ROOM)
Artist: Tabei, Kenji Work of Art: A flower vase (1F RECEPTION ROOM)
Artist: Hosono, Takeshi Work of Art: Landscape with Water (2F CONFERENCE ROOM 1)
Artist: Tada, Katsuhiko Work of Art: A Cool Summer (2F CONFERENCE ROOM 2)
Artist: Kawai, Yuji Work of Art: Memorandum '95 No Title (2F CONFERENCE ROOM 3)
Artist: Kumagai, Morikazu Work of Art: The Sea (2F MULTI-PURPOSE TRAINING ROOM)
Artist: Fuchi, Taigan Work of Art: Wakanoura (2F MULTIMEDIA LABORATORY 3)
Artist: Funasaka, Yoshisuke Work of Art: My Space and My Dimension(REFRESH CORNER)
My Space and My Dimension(1) My Space and My Dimension(2)
My Space and My Dimension(3)
Artist: Ito, Fumio  Work of Art: Blue Santrini Greece
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